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What’s your DREAM?   Do you have a DREAM?

JORA Reignmakers is in the business of helping you SEE your dream, WORK on your dream, and LIVE out your dream!

We are a group of coaches, consultants and trainers who will help you DISCOVER WHO you are, so that you can BE who you’re meant to be, DO all you’re meant to do, HAVE what you’re meant to have and …LIVE a life of purpose, passion and power.

We are REIGNMAKERS … because we want to see you REIGN in your life and work.  You are called to REIGN.  REIGN?  Yes, REIGN.  That means, to RULE !  LEAD !  DO SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL !  MAKE AN IMPACT !  right where you are.

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It doesn’t matter where you are….

We walk with you to reach your potential…

in your

CareerBusiness and Leadership.


JORA Reignmakers is a Coaching Club and a Learning Lab.

It’s not just about learning.  It’s about Applying what you’ve Learnt.  That’s what gets you ahead.

JORA makes YOU a LEADER in all these areas:

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Create Your Career!

Live Your Dreams!


Build Your Business!

Let It Work Without You!


Lift Your Leadership!

Extend Your Influence!