Business Owners, Corporate Leaders,

Are you ready to …

Take your business to the next stage?  Grow your sales and profits? Grow the team? Find more time for yourself?

Build a high performing team? Build a stronger leadership team? 

If you’ve answered Yes to any of the above, we’ve got the solutions for you.
JORA Reignmakers is about Empowering People and Enriching Businesses!
JORA Reignmakers is in the business of helping you SEE your dream, WORK your dream, and LIVE your dream!

We are a group of coaches and trainers who helps you DISCOVER WHO you are, so that you can BE who you’re meant to be, so that you can DO all you’re meant to do, so that you can HAVE what you’re meant to have and … so that you will LIVE a life of purpose, passion and power.  We’re passionate about seeing every business owner and organization leader build high performing businesses and teams.

It doesn’t matter where you are now …. but it matters how you finish!

JORA Coaches will journey with you to reach your POTENTIAL…

your EXTRA-ORDINARY self, your BEST…in your

Business, Leadership & Life

You don’t have to walk alone.  Get a COACH today!

Build Your Business!
Let It Work Without You!

Lift Your Leadership!
Extend Your Influence!

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