Aileen Kee – Leadership Coach

Aileen Kee

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  • Reignmaker
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Organization Development Consultant
  • Leadership Practitioner



Aileen is a Certified Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant, and Leadership Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience with large multinational companies (MNCs). Her career has spanned all functions of Human Resources with the last 12 years focused specifically in the field of Organization Development, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

Focus Areas

Organization Development

In this capacity, Aileen has worked in different cultures and organizations in Asia and the USA to help business groups define their vision, strategies, organizational capabilities and transition change management initiatives to name a few.

She believes in engaging directly with the client to understand their business needs and works closely in designing solutions that best meet the organization’s need. The suite of solutions include meeting facilitation, team building, training workshops that lead to achieving the intended outcomes as defined by the business.

Leadership Development

With the growth of the Asian market over the past two decades, the demand for leaders capable of competing in the global market has exceeded the supply. Aileen has spent 10+ years focusing on growing leaders in Malaysia and the Greater Asian Region. This focus has enabled her to identify the skills and competencies required to successfully compete on the global stage and also zoom in on narrowing the gaps Asian leaders have. In growing leaders, she has worked with some of the finest schools (Stamford University, Thunderbird University, University of Virginia, Cornell) and consultants (Peter Senge, Peter Block, Jay Galbraith, Barry Posner, Chris Worley) to bring in programs catered for the businesses that she has supported. Apart from leveraging external resources, Aileen is also competent in designing in-house programs that cater to specific needs of organizations.

Executive Coaching

A key component to developing leaders for the C-Suite, Executive Coaching enables individuals to focus in on specific areas that are potential limiters to growth. Aileen’s coaching approach is based on developing a coaching partnership based on trust with the coaching client. Programs are designed using a holistic approach that enables individuals to improve their competencies, increase their effectiveness, and more importantly grow as a person. Programs designed for clients enable them to observe, self-correct and practice for lasting changes.

Aileen has coached individuals from around the Greater Asia Region including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, and Malaysia. Apart from taking on individual clients, Aileen is an adjunct faculty of New Ventures West, a US based coaching school in their Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC) program.

Work Experience

  • Organization Development Manager in a US based MNC focusing on organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, and leadership development
  • Regional Manager in Learning and Development for Greater Asia focusing on Manager and Leadership development in a US based MNC.
  • Human Resources Director in a US based MNC. During her tenure, she grew the company from a 700 person to a 2000 person organization during a tight labor market.
  • Compensation and Benefits Consultant with responsibilities for managing clients in the Northern Region of Malaysia.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Upon completion of her primary and secondary education in Malaysia, Aileen pursued her tertiary education in the USA.

  • BA (Hons) in Anthropology & Sociology, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, NY
  • MSOD in Organization Development, Pepperdine University, CA
  • Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) from New Ventures West, CA

Aileen is certified to carry out the following assessments and psychometric tools

  • Hogan Assessment
  • Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI)
  • DISC
  • FIRO-B
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

Other Initiatives

Outside of work, Aileen partners with the Malaysian TRIZ Association in running the School for Creative Thinkers workshop for students and teachers as part of giving back to society and specifically in helping build up the next generation of leaders for Malaysia.