Benefits of DISC Online Assessment

Benefits of DISC Online Assessment

The DISC Online Interactive Assessment is valuable for individuals and all types of organizations; public or private; large or small.

DISC Description

  • Web-based tool
  • Takes approximately 10 minutes to complete
  • Answer just 30 multiple choice questions online
  • Immediately generates a confidential 38 page report
  • Report is customized with personalized narrative
  • Report can be viewed online, downloaded, e-mailed & web-accessed

DISC Validity

  • Meets APA (American Psychological Association) & AERA (American Educational Research Association) standards for reliability and validity
  • Continues to set the standard for research-based assessments
  • Computerized scoring ensures greater accuracy

DISC Advantages

  • Increase strategies for communicating effectively
  • More effective team building
  • Minimizes & prevents misunderstandings
  • Indicates motivations and natural behaviors
  • Broadens awareness of participant’s own style
  • Provides specific behavioral strategies for communicating with all styles
  • Report is formatted to be both descriptive of the end user and prescriptive to improve interpersonal communication skills

DISC for Business Applications


HR Administrative Benefits

  • Saves administration time
  • Available worldwide
  • Controlled administration (Contact us for group administration)

How and Why It Works

  • Reduces Session time
  • Respondent completes Online DISC before debrief
  • Session is more productive & in less time
  • Respondent is able to review DISC report, as well as complete Summary Sheet, prior to formal debrief
  • Less intimidating for respondent, so there is increased receptivity
  • Online DISC report is very user-friendly and written in a conversational style
  • Increase retention

How you can use the DISC Online Interactive Assessment to help others

  • Change Management –¬†DISC teaches specific behaviors for transforming resistance into receptivity.
  • Coaching – Discover how to use the DISC to help others reach their real potential consistently!
  • Conflict Resolution – See how to use the DISC to magically dissipate tension & mistrust!
  • Customer Service – Use the DISC to show how one can determine how to exceed expectations.
  • Diversity Training – Present how having contrasting DISC Styles is a major positive position.
  • Hiring – Learn how to train others to use the DISC to find the right fit the first time around!
  • Leadership Programs – You’ll be amazed yourself how you can truly empower using the DISC!
  • Management Skills – Show your Managers how to easily motivate their staff!
  • Managing Up – Use the DISC to clearly describe the behaviors needed to win receptivity!
  • Mergers, Acquisitions – Using the DISC to help others understand their coping needs.
  • Mentoring – Discover how to exponentially propel your fast trackers with success!
  • New Employee Orientation – Teach your new members how to be communication experts
  • On-Boarding – Provide essential DISC insight so new member is set-up for success!
  • Performance Development Plans– Show the employee there IS a better way to communicate!
  • Retreats – Facilitate a session where powerful personal & professional insights are discovered.
  • Sales Training – You’ll be able to even show your Sales Managers how to increase their sales!
  • Teambuilding – Learn how to masterfully transform a dysfunctional team with the DISC!
  • Productive Meetings – Plan meetings with styles in mind to ensure best outcomes.
  • Career Matching – Match your employees’ natural strengths with the best possible job fit.

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